Keri DeTore, Marketing specialistAbout Keri – Lens Communications Owner

For more than 20 years, Keri DeTore has been managing and developing public relations communication strategies resulting in successful outreach campaigns and stronger brand recognition.

She brings broad and creative thinking to communication and outreach strategies developing effective executive-level corporate and nonprofit communication tools to build community relationships. She excels at communicating complex issues and strategies clearly in an approachable way, and engaging with diverse individuals, groups and communities to create positive working relationships.

Keri’s comprehensive skills include:

  • Creating strong internal & external communications
  • Project and event management and coordination
  • Writing for social and traditional media
  • Designing collateral marketing materials
  • Developing publicity campaigns
  • Coordinating outreach efforts
  • Editing and publishing

When not developing integrated marketing strategies for her clients, Keri is very involved with gardening and horticultural restoration, environmental education, knitting and creating artwork – the latest obsession is learning encaustic painting (using layers of wax to create an image.) See some gorgeous work made by other encaustic artists on her Pinterest page.




About Luna–Lens Communications’ Officially Canine Supervisor

Luna, Officially Canine SupervisorLuna is a mixed breed rescue from the Animal Aid and Rescue Foundation (AARF). She was supposed to be with us as a foster for three weeks. That was about five years ago.

Luna’s job as the Officially Canine Supervisor is to let Keri know when it’s time to take a break to play with toys and eat snacks (approximately every half hour.) She also occasionally chimes in on phone calls to announce that someone is walking past the house. She is VERY good at all of these things.


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