Turn your Holiday Party into a Low-Key Fundraiser!

Holiday Display

Many of us support organizations with our time, energy and money. You can easily create an opportunity for even greater support if you’re already hosting an event or a party over the holidays. First however, contact your organization’s development department and let them know you want to hold a fundraiser — they often have specific […]

Lens Communications’ Newest Client: Heidi Herr!

Heidi Herr

If you live in West Seattle and/or you are a coffee lover, you probably know Heidi Herr, owner of Bird on a Wire Espresso and The Admiral Bird Cafe. Not only does Heidi run amazing businesses that make amazing coffee, she’s also very involved in women’s sports and her latest venture is opening a women’s-sports […]

My New Client: May designs, Interior Designer Amy May

May designs

I am thrilled to introduce Lens Communications’ newest client: Interior Designer Amy May, owner of May designs. Amy’s work is GORGEOUS – and that’s not just PR hype! I recently visited her in her newly renovated office in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle and experienced an immediate sense of calm, organization, style and the desire […]

Makin’ Mandalas

KD Mandala

I’ve been on a mandala kick the last couple of days (that is, if two mandalas in two days comprises a “kick.”) The word mandala (pronunciation mon- dah- lah) means “circle” and it’s typically comprised of designs representing various religions, beliefs, meditation practices, etc. Mandalas are created by many cultures including Tibetan, Navajo, Buddhist and […]