The “Yes You Can” Moments

Table Numbers for Auction

After 20 years in the communications and event coordination biz, I’m hired on contract at the last minute to shepherd a major fundraising event—and even though I’m NOT AT ALL OLD I’m the oldest person in the room—and the Voice of Doubt (VOD) takes over my brain: “Oh man, can I do this? Can I […]

More than “Customer Service.”


Many of us know there is more to customer service than just being in your seat providing a service—the key is being someone other people WANT to work with. This was demonstrated to me very clearly during a recent doctor’s visit. While checking in, the patient checker-inner seemed very put out that she needed to […]

A Modern Day Chemistry Set

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We’re on the search for the perfect communications formula. For some it’s 50% online, 25% direct mail and 25% interpersonal outreach. Or maybe it’s 75% online, and 25% customer service. Regardless, everyone still seems to agree on the catalytic ingredient: some form of personal contact. This of course runs the gamut from a referral by […]



The journey of a thousand miles… …begins with a plan, a website and the desire to use 20 years of experience in outreach and communications to help others achieve their goals. It’s thrilling to finally take the skills and interests I’ve honed and enjoyed over the years and focus them on you and your project to create […]