My New Client: May designs, Interior Designer Amy May

May designs

I am thrilled to introduce Lens Communications’ newest client: Interior Designer Amy May, owner of May designs. Amy’s work is GORGEOUS – and that’s not just PR hype! I recently visited her in her newly renovated office in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle and experienced an immediate sense of calm, organization, style and the desire […]

Makin’ Mandalas

KD Mandala

I’ve been on a mandala kick the last couple of days (that is, if two mandalas in two days comprises a “kick.”) The word mandala (pronunciation mon- dah- lah) means “circle” and it’s typically comprised of designs representing various religions, beliefs, meditation practices, etc. Mandalas are created by many cultures including Tibetan, Navajo, Buddhist and […]

My New Client: The 2016 Arts in Nature Festival!

2016 AiNF Design

The Arts in Nature Festival is a family-friendly music, dance, storytelling, art installation and interactive sound experience in the outdoor splendor at Seattle’s only camp ground – Camp Long in West Seattle! This year’s festival runs from August 20th-August 21st and tickets are available here. I’m very excited that Lens Communications is sponsoring the Arts […]

Thinking Ink…And Permanence


Some design requests are just weightier… Such as the request from my friend H who asked me to design a tattoo honoring his late wife, a good friend of mine who passed away recently. I’ve been asked to design many different types of things such as logos and posters, but never a tattoo; never anything […]