Event Planning and Coordination

Childhaven’s Annual Auction and Dinner 2012Table Numbers for Auction

I was honored to be contracted as part of the development team that creates such a phenomenal fundraising event for this important local non-profit providing trauma therapy to kids who are victims of abuse and neglect

“In the summer of 2012, Childhaven had its major annual dinner and auction coming up in a couple of months and no Event Coordinator. Having worked with Keri previously in development at the YWCA, I knew she could jump in, pick up quickly and keep us going. She learned our AuctionTracker software to track guests and auction items, she re-wrote and re-designed many of our auction collateral materials, streamlined processes and created positive internal and external working relationships. Childhaven experienced its most successful auction ever and I would highly recommend Keri for any job requiring multiple skill sets and the ability to problem-solve.”

–Andrea Solomon, Vice-President Childhaven Development, Seattle, WA

This was a great opportunity to freshen up the design and tone of the auction’s collateral such as the Live and Silent Auction Item descriptions. I was even allowed to get away with a bit of cheekiness in the Dessert Frenzy catalog entry:

The Dessert Frenzy: We know this is really what you come for…

As top bidder, you can be a super-hero swooping in to rescue one of these sublime desserts for your table. These are some of the most divine treats in the City, and you’re going to want to do everything in your power to secure them before they disappear!

A) Classic Chocolate Cake
An 8” triple-layer cake with light chocolate mousse layered between moist chocolate cake and covered with a smooth ganache. People stand in line for this decadent, deep, sweet chocolate cake that will make you quiver with pleasure. Thank you Bakery Nouveau!

B) Red Velvet Cake
Renowned for its lightness despite its stunningly large size, this 3-layer cake resonates with hints of cocoa combining with the tangy/sweet cream cheese frosting in every moan-inducing mouthful. With its ruby-red layers, this indulgence looks as enticing as it tastes. Thank you Kingfish Café!

C) One-Dozen Pinkabella Cupcakes

A party on your table and in your mouth! These one-dozen beautiful cupcakes taste all grown-up, but will make the child inside you jump up and down with glee. You may have to ask the staff for extra napkins to get the frosting off of your nose. Thank you Pinkabella Cupcakes!

D) One-Dozen Top Pot Doughnuts

Did you wear your hipster plaid shirt and your heavy-frame glasses? Good, then you totally need these incredibly moist, sweet and light doughnuts that will make you feel as cool and retro as you look. Thank you Top Pot Doughnuts!

I created efficiencies in the processing of 800 guests and over 200 auction items and managed a tight timeline while working with diverse groups, and a scope of work that included:

  • Learning the software program Auction Tracker
  • Registering, tracking and producing bid numbers for all guests
  • Registering, tracking and organizing all live and silent auction inventory
  • Redesigning, editing, and managing production of all collateral materials including:
    • Auction Catalog
    • Bid Boards (item descriptions)
    • Table signage
  • Developing positive, communicative working relationships in a short period of time


A Hand Up for Mike 2013A Hand up For Mike

We all get by with a little help from our friends.
A dedicated group of volunteers, the “Friends of Mike” came together to secure silent auction and dessert donations for this event to help Mike (who had become homeless due to medical issues) raise money to get into transitional housing.

I was the event coordinator, providing services in:

  • Volunteer coordination
  • Donation and auction item tracking
  • All publicity activities: see my article about Mike on the West Seattle Blog.
  • Graphic design and writing for outreach materials
  • Event contact and liaison

Our very successful event took place at Feedback Lounge in West Seattle, who generously provided their space and time, and we were able to raise enough money for Mike to get into temporary housing, get a bus pass, phone card and start a bank account.

Mike has since gotten himself into permanent housing and is living a healthy, productive life in West Seattle where he volunteers in the community on a regular basis.