Public Relations

Public Relations Campaign for the Edmonds Community College Horticulture Department

In 2011 the Horticulture Department at Edmonds Community College (EDCC) was looking to increase the scope of their programs and enrollment. As a former student in the “Hort” Department, the staff knew about my public relations background and hired me to develop an outreach campaign that would broaden brand recognition and encourage program enrollment.

Working together with staff and the college’s communications office to ensure EDCC messaging continuity, we developed and implemented a marketing campaign using social media, print communications and personal outreach at events such as the annual Pacific Northwest Flower and Garden Show.

I produced design and verbiage for all the communications from online newsletters to humorous handouts to be placed at events and in coffee shops. I also developed a survey via SurveyMonkey for former Hort students soliciting feedback regarding the types of horticultural programming they would like to see furthered at EDCC.

“Grow” Postcard
Summer Marketing Cards
Summer Marketing Cards

After just a quarter’s worth of this marketing effort, interest in the horticulture program increased by 20%–measured by online hits, in-person responses and telephone inquiries.


West Seattle Garden Tour

This annual event is the highlight of the year for many local gardeners. The committee works hard to put together a combination of gardens from large and carefully maintained estates, to small urban yards that are wonderful without needing constant tending.

I spent many years with this organization on various committees including graphic design, securing sponsors and even Co-Chairing and Chairing the event for a couple of years.

The “bit of everything” I did included:

  • Project management
  • Sponsor development
  • Selecting beneficiaries
  • Communications and marketing including graphic design and descriptive writing
  • Chairing committee meetings
  • Event coordination
  • Volunteer coordination
Postcard Promotion: front
Postcard Promotion: front
Postcard Promotion: details
Postcard Promotion: details


Because the garden tour is 100% volunteer-run, the majority of the money raised goes to beneficiaries that include community run gardens, ArtsWest, and other educational organizations.


West Seattle Food Bank Development Projects

I’ve done design and writing for the West Seattle Food Bank’s outreach and development efforts because I believe passionately in the work they do for our community.

Communication projects include:

  • Branding and collateral production for annual fundraisers including:
    • Logo
    • Posters
    • Invitations
    • Mailers
  • Raffle posters for the event booth during the WS Street Fairs
  • New site groundbreaking invitations
  • Brochure design

If you’ve looked for the West Seattle Food Bank out in the community, then we may have already met when I staffed the booth at the Street Fair, or stood outside Metropolitan Market on food donation day, or worked any number of the annual fundraisers.

2005 Raffle Poster
2005 Raffle Poster
2006 Raffle Poster
2006 Raffle Poster

This is an organization that makes a positive impact in our neighborhoods—be sure to stop by and say hi the next time you’re at the West Seattle Summer Fest!


Delridge Grocery Co-op Membership Drive Campaign

Working hard to bring a grocery store to the Delridge neighborhood in West Seattle, the Board Members hired me to help them with a year-end push to get 300 members in order to meet the requirements set by one of their grantors.

Time was limited and the audience was targeted, so we decided on a two-pronged approach: using consistent messaging and imagery, put together a mailing and social media campaign to reach households with and without internet access.

I provided the graphic design and working with the Board, edited their content to craft concise messaging regarding their goals. Because of the high population of Latino residents in the Delridge community, we added a Spanish language invitation to residents to call a Spanish speaker for more information.

Delridge Grocery Postcard
Delridge Grocery Postcard
Delridge Grocery Postcard, back
Delridge Grocery Postcard, back

Happily, the Delridge Grocery Co-op Board met their membership goal and continue to move forward to open a grocery store on Delridge Way!