Book by Zsofia Pasztor & Keri DeTore: Design and Build Your Own Rain Gardens for the Pacific Northwest

rg-bk-cvr-smBy Zsofia Pasztor, Keri DeTore
Illustrations by Jill Nunemaker


Published January 2017

When hard rain pounds the Pacific Northwest, water from rooftops, lawns, and streets gushes with pollutants and overflows public storm drains. The environmental impact can be devastating to our watersheds, compromising the health of parks, wetlands, rivers, and salmon habitat.

Now, with RAIN GARDENS FOR THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST, you can build a rain garden—an easy and striking way to combat stormwater runoff! Rain gardens divert water into planting beds that act like sponges, absorbing runoff. The rain garden’s soil slowly filters out harmful compounds, before the water drains into our streams, lakes, and bays. Expert Zsofia Pasztor shares what she’s learned over the years creating rain gardens in the challenging clay and hardpan soils of our region. Detailed descriptions of everything from how to evaluate your yard and test your soil to maintenance practices and troubleshooting help you understand the process.

Find answers to: 

  • Can I build a rain garden myself?
  • Can I create a low-maintenance rain garden?
  • How does an infiltration system work?
  • What types of plants work best in a rain garden?
  • How can I fix a rain garden that isn’t draining?
  • Will my rain garden attract mosquitos?
  • Does my community offer incentives for installing a rain garden?

With more than 200 photos and illustrations, lists of best plants, and comprehensive step-by-step instructions, this rain garden book shows gardeners, homeowners, and DIYers how to plan, design, install, and maintain healthy, natural, and beautiful rain gardens in Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia.

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image © SK Artistry

Zsofia Pasztor, CPH, is the founder and director of Farmer Frog (, and an instructor at Edmonds Community College and Stewardship Partners rain garden workshops.

Co-author Keri DeTore is a PR Consultant ( and a landscape designer with a degree in Horticultural Restoration.

Illustrator Jill Nunemaker is an award-winning landscape designer.